End of Silence

We're back after what was a longer hiatus than expected, and since we didn't expect a hiatus at all, that's like, infinitely longer than what we expected. The TLDR is Domain.com expired our domain (mistakenly, I would argue) and ICANN tried to extort us to get it back.

2012 Update

Here's the update it seems like I only get around to once a year unless something major happens, which, as that implies, means nothing major has happened as far as clan stuff is concerned since we secured our own domain name. (See previous post.)

MML XI was this previous weekend. Unfortunately, there was no Forgotten Exile presence at this event since all our members were still recovering financially from vacations which we took, individually, in the weeks preceding. Friends of the clan, Fancy Hat and BlackStatic, went, so maybe if I ask nice, I can get word from them.

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